Teeth whitening

Teeth whitening can light up your face again.

The shine loss may be caused by your lifestyle and the aging process. The colour of your teeth may be affected by everyday routine such as having a cup of coffee or tea, a glass of Coca Cola, red wine or by smoking. Teeth whitening can light up your face again.

Your smile is important

Your teeth and smile are what people notice first when they meet.The natural and bright white smile is beautiful and it can help you boost your confidence and impress others. The non-professional and clinically untested whitening procedures may lead to unsatisfying results.

You should therefore decide for a whitening that is:
● Quick and expedient
● Long-lasting
● Lower-sensitive
● Clinically tested as safe and effective
● Done by a dentist

Using this method, special light activates a gel applied on teeth containing 35% of peroxide (Ultradent, Opalescence).The active element is hydrogen peroxide which is disintegrated by the light and oxygen penetrates through a tooth enamel and dentine. The oxygen will then whiten colored substances, whereas the tooth structure remains unchanged. The whitening will be done evenly and safely by 9 colour shades on average. Before whitening itself, your lips and gums are carefully isolated so that the gel does not damage them. You can relax, read or have a nap during the procedure. At the end, there is a 5-minute teeth fluoridation. The procedure takes one hour and is painless. Once it is done, your tooth sensitivity may be temporarily heightened.

Enemies of white teeth:

Soy sauce, spinach, beetroot, coffee, cigarettes, green and black tea, red wine, blackberry compote, marmalades, herbal tinctures made from medicinal herbs

Whitening should be visible from one to five years depending on the patient´s habits such as smoking, drinking coffee or tea. When brushing your teeth three times a day, the result should last a few years. In the last five years, there have been numerous studies showing that whitening is safe and highly effective. Some of the patients may feel a little gum irritation or tooth sensitivity, but these will fade away shortly after the procedure.

No one can predict how much lighter your teeth will eventually be. Each case is different. The result depends on the type of stains and a patient´s cooperation. The patient must avoid some food (coffee, tea, Coca Cola, wine) in the next 48 hours. Replacement of old composite fillings (white fillings) can take place 3 weeks after the whitening the soonest.

After the whitening, we offer our patients a domestic dental whitening kit (containing 10% of peroxide) by Ultradent (Opalescence) that is applied daily for 2 weeks after the whitening and the procedure takes about 30 minutes. This way the clinical whitening will be more intense.


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