When tooth decay has penetrated to the nerve

Endodontics deals with the treatment of the dental pulp and the root canals. It is a treatment that is time-consuming and technically challenging. We use the PROTAPER nickel-titanium kit for endodontic treatment. They allow quick treatment even if the root canals are very curved with the minimum risk of tool bending.

Root canal treatment

We use an apex locator – an electronic device that determines the exact length of the root canal. Because the endodontically treated tooth is not nourished as before, it becomes fragile and prone to break. This is associated with a visible darkening of its surface structures. All of these are the reasons why we recommend a solution other than a regular tooth filling. A high-quality ceramic crown increases the tooth stability and solves a cosmetic problem. It is also possible to apply a glass element into the root canal to increase the stability.

Endodontic treatment cannot be avoided when the tooth decay has reached the nerve. The endodontic treatment can stop further bacterial processes leading to the tooth loss and also to other health complications and infections. However, cleaning the root canal and filling it is not a final solution either.

During preparation of root canals, we work with the following devices:

Endo Motor (X-SMART, Dentsply) is a device for a safe use of tools for the root canal widening. It speeds up the treatment, the root canal has a smoother surface and the filling is more accurate. It also allows the treatment of curved and narrow root canals that cannot be treated by hand.

Thermafil – a system used for obturation or filling the root canals with warm gutta-percha. It is used to push the sealer against the walls of the canal. It is heated to 60 °C, which makes the gutta-percha liquid and allows better leakage of sealer to the side system. The perfect hermetic closure of the root canals is essential for good prognosis of the endodontically treated tooth.

Protaper (Maillefer, Dentsply) – endodontic rotary tools for widening and adjusting the root canal before its filling.

Apex locator – (PROPEX II, Dentsply) an electronic device that is crucial during the root canal treatment. Based on the electric resistance measurement, it can determine their length and thus prevent tissue damage around the tooth root. Measurements using this device are absolutely painless and, according to clinical studies, their accuracy is higher than the measurements of the root length on X-ray pictures.