Dental hygiene

Own teeth for a lifetime
Dental hygiene is an effective curative and preventive method in the modern stomatology that leads to keeping your own teeth for a lifetime. Dental hygiene is a precaution preventing your gums from inflammation and suspension apparatus from destruction. These lead to periodontitis – gum bleeding, loose tooth and even tooth loss.

Your smile is important
Dental hygiene should be a part of our everyday life. We do not mean everyday care for cleaning teeth that should be carried out twice a day at home. We mean professional care carried out by a dental hygienist. Nowadays, there is a tendency to have the dental hygiene done regularly.

The most recent medical studies show that the bad condition of oral cavity is closely linked to serious health problems such as stroke, joint inflammtion, cardiovascular diseases, digestive disorders and gastrointestinal diseases, diabetes, etc. That means you very much affect your health and immunity by keeping your mouth clean.

Since we are not yet able to change the fibres that keep tooth attached to the bone, dental hygiene is a way to stop the destructive process or avoid it at all. The procedure takes a while and is painless.

Professional dental hygiene includes:

● Dental exam
● Instruction on home care for children and adults
●Professional removal of plaque and tartar by means of air flow or sanding
● Ultrasonic teeth cleaning
● Mechanical teeth cleaning and polishing
●Consultation on home oral hygiene products and equipment

Clean teeth are a basic prevention against possible health complications. We know that even in the best effort and in keeping with all the rules, home dental cleaning is not always perfect. That is why we recommend you to have your teeth professionally cleaned by a dental hygienist at least twice a year. We will gladly welcome you in our dental clinic.

Clean teeth do not decay, and those who know how to care for them save time, money and spare themselves the pain.
After removing tartar, tooth surface remains rough. To level it off, dental hygienist uses a so-called sander. There is a powerful stream of water, air and fine powder coming from the jet, which thoroughly cleans the tooth surface from the remains of tartar and plaque. It also allows effective removal of pigments from food, beverages and smoking. Your teeth are perfectly clean after this procedure and the feeling in your mouth is incomparably better.