Cosmetic dentistry

Appearance plays an important role in our life.

First of all, we strive to provide quality cosmetic dentistry services at our clinic. Cosmetic dentistry is a new approach to the already used procedure, which aims to remedy the patient’s teeth as cosmetically as possible and thus to restore their confidence and strengthen their social status. Patients are offered a wide range of cosmetic treatments: non-metal dental restoration (ceramic sheets, non-metal crowns, inlays, etc.), dental hygiene and tooth whitening services.

Zirconia dental crowns

The latest achievement of modern cosmetic dentistry. Zircon is basically ceramics, which has the following benefits:

● Extremely cosmetic and precise
● Durable and with a high level of loading
● Crowns do not contain metal, so they can be used in case of metal allergy
● The light penetrates perfectly through these dental crowns, so they look beautiful and natural

Porcelain facets are a perfect solution for correction of minor shape flaws and tooth color. The most beneficial use of these so called veneers is that your valuable dentine does not have to be removed, we just shape the tooth surface. Neither the tooth whitening, nor the traditional techniques can achieve such a natural, beautiful, brilliant smile, as the gluing of porcelain faces.

In terms of cometic dentistry, we offer the following to our clients:

● Composite white fillings in the front and back teeth sections made of the latest materials
● Procelain facest for the treatment of the colored front teeth
● Metal-ceramic and ceramic crowns
● Ceramic inlays
● Teeth whitening
● Zirconia crowns, facets
● Cosmetic removable replacements